A day for Wollseifen

During the Vogelsang Intervention 2009, organized by Center for Public Practice (CfPP) with the Accademy of Media Arts of Cologne (KHM),  Officinevida will pass through a new stage of the project "Less".
The concept, still in initial stage, will be presented to the external public for the first time.

In the parking place of Vogelsang's forum, six yellow arrows painted on the launch ramps, will drive the look to the old town of Wollseifen.
Inside the forum, will be showed the video about seeding of the 4th last August.

Only for the tourists, in the old church of Wollseifen, will be distribuited a little gift, and will be possible partecipate in first person to the realization of the project.

The 16th of August, the day of Saint Rocus, all the Wollseifen's habitants, now elderly, meet in the little  village to celebrate their patron.
Officinevida's group joined at the celebration with the wish to know the protagonists of the story that has gave life to the project "Less" and to talk about the concept with they.
The elderly and the pastor were agree with the desire to do something to bring at the light the old houses. One of they remembers smiling that his grandmother had worked hard to extirpate the ginsters for cultivate the land, and now could be funny the replant.